Saturday, October 2, 2010

A finished object, and some works in progress!

Hi All! I finally finished my halloween-flavored Jaywalker socks, designed by Grumperina. At first, I had an issue with my gauge on this project. I just couldn't get the halfway done sock onto my feet, so I had to rip out the entire project and start fresh on #2 needles. Only the problem was, my favorite #2 needles are almost black. Not great if one is knitting black and orange socks. So I went to a shop called The Stitching Bee, in Chatham, NJ. They were also having a really good sale on yarn. 1$ a ball, no shit!
And with my newer sock needles, I finished one sock, and just today, finished the last.
Here they are in their black and orange glory.

I also wanted to show one of the largest projects I've ever worked on, a sweater for my dad. He went nuts and decided he needs a sweater out of bright green yarn while at a sale. Only problem is, he's a size 2x! The fucking sleeve is large enough to smother Daisy, my beloved old cat.

Since I've completed one pair of socks, I'm going to start a new pair tonight. Tidal Wave socks designed by Deby Lake. I'm knitting them in some Knitivity Down Home Sock yarn, and the color is called Candy Corn. It is one of his retired colorways, I snagged it during his retirement sale. I highly recommend his shop! Here's a link to his shop, Knitivity.

I'm also knitting a hat just for fun. It's lovely, I received the yarn, Noro Silk Garden, from a swap (the one where I did all the piratey fun.) and she also printed out a pattern for me from my favorites. The only thing Magicatt didn't do was knit it for me, lol!
Here's the hat right now...

That awesome stitchmarker that I'm using is by Scary Mary. She is also awesome, and her stitchmarkers are great for swaps, or if you're like me and love to collect them.
Here's where you can find her shop, Scary Merry at Etsy.
I think that's all I can fit in here for now. I started listening to a different podcast/videocast, she's a lovely person, and funny, too. The name of the podcast is Round The Twist, done by Alcariel. I'll put a link in the sidebar to her blog.
Happy knitting!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Finished Object Friday!

Yes, more finished things! First, a beautiful steampunk pirate necklace that is on its way to a new owner. I made it for a pirate swap that I'm in on Ravelry.

This is my first attempt at a needle roll. Pretty damn primitive, as I didn't use a pattern. Same swap, different item!

This amusing fellow is from a knitting pattern I received during a different swap. But he's so fitting in the package, that I knit him up. The story for him is, Ole' Pegleg lost his eye protecting the above necklace from a giant clam. I think he hit himself in the eye with his felt sword. What do you think?

And this lovely bag has been used a lot of late. I like to take it shopping with me. I knit it in cotton ease by lion brand. The pattern is from a family circle zine. Obviously a beach bag!

Anyway, hope you liked looking, more stuff will be coming here soon. I'm off to go buy more yarn.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Mail's been good to me this week! Yay!

It's only Tuesday, and I've gotten a bunch of lovely things in the mail already! The newest Simply Knitting, 2 yarn catalogs, YARN! And a pamphlet about Stitches East, which I would love to attend, but I'm still on the fence about.

I'm really excited about the Knitpicks catalog, as I've already picked out some lovely fingerless gloves and a knit ornament kit.
The yarn is bought secondhand-but-untouched from a sweet ravelry member. It is from Three Irish Girls in the colorway "Fitzgerald." I think it's fabulous!
A bit of a close-up on the pretty yarn...

Friday, July 9, 2010

Finished Object Friday!

Over the long holiday weekend, I finished 2 projects, a cute bag, and a dishcloth. I am trying to whittle down the number of projects I have on the needles this month. So, here are two for now!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

New year, new car! and some yarn.

I had a bad car accident, on the day before Christmas Eve. Hedwig was deemed a complete loss by my insurance company. Which pissed me off a LOT, because I fucking loved that car:( But one door closes, a new one opens. Meet Cricket, a Toyota Yaris '10.

And on happy yarn news, I got a lovely new ashford wheel for Christmas! And I'm finally learning how to make yarn that doesn't suck ass, see?