Sunday, March 6, 2011

The first sweetheart of Awoman

This is mommy#1, Joy Hightower. It took 2 whoohoos to knock her up;) And since his primary job is socializing and meeting people, Awoman has reached celebrity level 1!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Meet Awoman Tohugnkiss!

Here is my man, Mr. Awoman Tohugnkiss. I've moved him into the Bridgeport neighborhood. He has already started collecting phone numbers, yay!

A study in Simming! The Father of the year challenge

I've started a new challenge yesterday in Sims 3. The challenge is very simple and funny as hell. I found it on Mod the Sims, and here is the challenge, as written on this website:

GOAL: Father as many children as you can.

I. Getting Started

1. Make a MALE Sim in create-a-Sim.
2. You may make him any way you wish. I would recommend giving him the "heart breaker" lifetime wish (be the partner of 10 Sims) since that will be the easiest to fulfill in the course of this challenge, though it's not mandatory.
3. Set his lifespan to Normal.
4. Purchase any house you like.
5. You can use any kind of monetary cheat you like, but that is the only kind of cheat you can use. "Motherlode" to your heart's desire if you want - but remember, money doesn't buy you love!
6. You can put other Sims you've created in the town, but your Sim CANNOT engage romantically with female Sims you've created.

II. To-Do List

There is only one thing you must do in this challenge:
1. Father as many children as possible. Children are counted by your family tree. Your tree should start to look something like this:

III. Things to Know
1. Children do not have to all be from the same mother (in fact, if you want to do this challenge well, as many mothers as possible is best).
2. The children do not have to live with your Sim.
3. Your Sim does not have to ever meet his children.
4. Your Sim does not have to be the partner of the children mothers.
5. The mothers may be married to other Sims.
6. Your Sim may not marry or move in any female romantic partners unless they are elders.
7. The Children mothers MUST be pre-existing Sims or Sims born in the game (i.e., not created by you).
8. You may use the fertility reward if you have enough points to buy it (and any other rewards that you think may be useful).
9. You must play as your Sim the entire time - no switching to other households.

IV. Scoring

Scoring is very simple! Your score is the number of children that your Sim has before he dies. If he's the only one in the household, make sure you count them up before the reaper comes!